Don’t Personalize Things That Don’t Belong To You

When we personalize something we give it value. This is great with we are giving a gift but not so great when we are dealing with a negative situation. Adding value to something that is negative causes us to suffer because we take on more of the situation than we need to. [...]


Sometimes I’m a shitty Dad!

Sometimes I worry that I’m a shitty Dad. I know it’s not true but that doesn’t stop my mind from thinking the thought and worrying it might be true. Sometimes, just the fear something might be true is enough to make my anxiety elevate and bring on compulsive, negative thinking. And even with [...]


How to Get Comfortable with Feeling Uncomfortable

Who likes the feeling of being uncomfortable? I know I didn't! In fact, most of the people I know do everything in their power to avoid things that make them feel uncomfortable. But what if our desire to avoid that feeling is actually doing more harm than good? What if the key to [...]


Three Steps to Help Overcome Anxiety and Fall Asleep Faster

Do your anxiety and negative, worrisome mind keep you up at night? Do you struggle to fall asleep because of all the racing thoughts? Want to fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly? Here are three things I do each night that helps me manage my anxious mind and ensure a good night [...]

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