Taking on the Dentist – April 4, 2017

facing my fear at the dentist office - steve zanella

So, today I am facing a fear I have avoided for years! The DENTIST!!

I have not gone to the dentist for years because of my anxiety and panic attacks. It’s one of those little things we don’t like to talk about when we face fears that seem like everyday things to everyone else.

That ends today! I found a great dentist in my area, explained my concerns and am going in for a cleaning and to put a plan in place to address any future procedures… which I’m guessing will be a lot!

The reason I share this is because we all have things we avoid doing because we are afraid. Maybe it’s calling an old friend, maybe it’s starting that business, maybe it’s writing that book… and maybe it’s going to get your teeth cleaned! No matter what it is, if you make the choice to live into your fear rather than avoiding it, everyday actions can become everyday courage. You can be the hero of your story and practice taking on your fears… no matter how big or small they may appear to others.

What fear will you face today? <3

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