Regret is Poison

So, as some of you who follow me on other social media pages know, I’ve been experimenting with the keto diet and intermittent fasting for a while. I’ve seen great results and will continue to see how my body responds to eating, fasting, and exercise. But this post isn’t about keto, health or nutrition… it’s about regret.
My wife recently asked me why I was doing all this. She is the most loving and supportive person when it comes to all my crazy ideas. But she also knows me pretty well and can tell when I go too far down the rabbit hole with something. To say I have an obsessive personality when it comes to my interests would be an understatement.
She wanted to know how I was connecting my ability to get into better shape with other things I want to achieve in my life such as writing and starting a new business? Especially when she sees the time, energy and effort I am directing into health and fitness. Because it’s time I’m not dedicating to other endeavors. The truth is, I need to prove to myself that I can set a goal and achieve it… now more than ever.
I’ve never been an overly confident person. I don’t push for what I want and I don’t expect success as often as I should. I’ve always approached things with an “it probably won’t work out but if it does I’ll be pleasantly surprised” attitude.
But watching my father die last year has changed something in me I can’t fully wrap my head around. The thing that haunts me more than anything is how much regret he had. He wasn’t ready to go. He told me that. He still had so much he wanted to see and do.
And the truth is, I’m afraid. I’m afraid of taking what’s inside of me to the grave instead of sharing it with the world. The cemetery is full of unwritten books, unpublished songs, unexplored ideas, and unexamined opportunities. And I know we all end up there eventually… but I refuse to bring my dreams with me when I go!
So, I push myself. I push to get what is inside of me out and share it with the world. And I will continue to do this, no matter how tough it gets or how uncomfortable the process becomes for me… because this is not easy for me. Sharing this publically, putting myself out there to be judged and commented on… it doesn’t come easy to me. But it’s part of the process. It’s part of what I need to do to break down the walls and barriers standing between me and achieving my dreams. And I’ll keep pushing… until I reach my goals.
So dream big and do the work. Don’t take your magic with you when you go. Share it with the world while you are here and able. Regret is poison. Avoid that shit at all costs!
Ok, it’s Monday. Let’s get to work! ❤️
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