Writing My 100 Experiences Bucket List

I spent last night going through old photos that I found in my Dad’s house when we cleaned it out. He would have been 72 this month. When he passed, I know he had regrets. I know he felt like he could have done more and seen more. He did quite a bit in his 71 years on this rock… but there was more he wanted to do.
I never want to look back with regret. It’s taken me 45 years to get to a place where I care enough about myself to want to live an amazing life. Far too many of my years I was just going through the motions.
My wife and I are currently planning a trip in December, and it’s made me realize just how few things I’ve actually done in my life… and how many things I actually want to do.
So I’ve decided to put together a 100 experience bucket list. 100 things I want to experience before I leave this rock! Jesse Itzler, the author of  Living with a Seal, calls it ‘building your life resume’ and I love that way of looking at it. It isn’t about what you want to do but rather what you want to experience.
There are a few things on this list I’ve already done… marry the woman of my dreams… hold my newborn children… watch the ball drop on NYE from Times Square. But there are far more things I still want t do.
I’m going to give myself 10 years to see how many of them I can accomplish. That’s 10 things a year and I’ll be 55 when done. Hell, maybe I’ll see how many of them I can do in 1 year and turn it into another book (BTW, writing a book was one thing I’ve recently checked off that list… still working on getting it published).
I welcome you all to think about what you want to experience in life. But don’t just think about it… WRITE IT DOWN! Because if you don’t, it is just a dream. Put it down on paper and make a plan… that’s the difference between having a dream and having a goal.
And (of course) I will share my list when it’s done. Feel free to make suggestions of things you think I should put on my list… maybe we can go do them together!
Much love,
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