Write Your Own Legacy

Since my dad died, I’ve been thinking a lot about how much time we have on this rock… and how quickly it passes. What we do with that time defines who we are and how we are remembered. A few bad actions should not dictate our entire legacy. But nor should a few good ones, either.

Our life is made up of little moments. In each moment, we are given a choice. What we choose to do within in each moment makes up how we spend our time and, eventually, how we live our life.

Most people think their legacy is something that is created after they are gone. But in truth, it is created when you are alive by what you do. You have control over your legacy. You can control how people remember you by how you act and what you do.

My challenge for all my friends is this… write your legacy NOW! Figure out what you want people to think, say, and remember about who you were and what you did with your time here. Actually, write it down! Then, each day look at it and ask yourself, “Am I living up to my legacy?”

Know the person you want to be… and then be that person! Too many of us live our lives thinking we have time to become the person we eventually want to become. But the truth is… you are already that person.

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