Put Yourself Out There

Put Yourself Out There - Steve Zanella

One of the biggest challenges we face, whether you deal with anxiety issues or are just an average person with average fears, is the idea of putting yourself out there. Doing, saying or sharing any type of idea, thought, emotion or stance that isn’t readily accepted can be scary for most people.
But in order to really grow either personally or professionally at some point, you need to take a chance.

Today with the advent of social media and the internet, it has become more widely accepted to share moments of your life that you would have normally kept hidden from the general public. We post family photos, trips we take, meals we eat and thoughts we have with friends, family and perfect strangers alike. We also react to what others share by liking, sharing, commenting and sometimes trolling in the case of those we disagree with.

The idea of being judged by someone you love or someone you’ve never met can cause the bravest of us to pause and think twice about putting something out into the universe that might draw the ire or condemnation of others.

But I say, fear be damned! Take that risk and build your voice. It is a critical part of our development. When we strive to stay comfortable we stop the one thing that we crave for on the deepest levels of our being; we stop growing.

We need to learn to strengthen our voice, sharpen our minds and challenge ourselves. This requires stress and that uncomfortable feeling associated with doing something just outside your comfort zone. But I assure you, the more you push the boundaries of that zone, the more they will expand and make room for experiences that will reshape your world.

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