How my chiropractor realigned my attitude on habits

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I sometimes suffer from back problems.

Some people carry anxiety and stress in their shoulders, their stomach, their head or their back. I carried mine in all of the above.

My anxiety combined with spending years hunched over a computer did a number on my back and spine.

10 years ago I started seeing a chiropractor recommended to me by a friend. Even though I was anxious about seeing anyone about anything, my pain trumped my fear. I made an appointment and forced myself to go. He’s turned out to be a great guy and I continued to go to him off and on over the years.

A few days ago I aggravated my back. I called my chiropractor and he was able to get me an appointment later that week.

As I walked into the office I began reaching for my wallet to make sure I had it with me. Like many men I keep my wallet in my back pocket. As I reached for it I quickly remembered that this is a big ‘no-no’ with my chiropractor.

Each time I visit we have the same interaction; he asks me, “Do you keep your wallet in your back pocket?” I reply yes then he looks at me like a disapproving father.

It seems that keeping your wallet in your back pocket can really cause problems with your lower back. But the only time I remember this tip is when I’m walking into his office.

I quickly slipped my wallet into the chest pocket of my jacket and entered the office.

Now, putting my wallet in my coat pocket may keep me from receiving a stern look from my chiropractor but it isn’t helping my back. What would help my back is to keep it in my coat pocket all the time.

That’s the thing… advice can only be good if you follow it!

Intending to follow someone’s advice is very different from actually following advice. We all have great intentions. But real, lasting change is about taking action.

Telling people you plan on eating healthy and then stopping at the drive-thru on your way home isn’t getting you any closer to your goal of better health.

Saying you want to be more positive and overcome negative thinking is great. But if you keep reacting to situations with the same old, negative attitude each time, you are never going to change your life.

We need to stop carrying around our old habits in our back pocket. We need to learn to do things in a new way and commit to putting action behind that new habit each and every day.

Now that I’ve fessed up, it’s your turn.

Go to the comment section below and share with me a habit you want to change. Then tell me how you can put real action behind changing it.

I’d love to hear from you!

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