How To Build A Stronger Mindset

Learning to do things that make you feel uncomfortable is not a natural skill… it’s a learned behavior! What that means is, it is also something you can practice and improve through action.

Pushing yourself past your anxiety points requires three things:

1.) A desire to overcome the anxiety that is stronger than your desire to feel comfortable

2.) A practice of slowing putting yourself in uncomfortable situations

3.) A patience and self-love to know it’s a process that will take time

Learning to develop a stronger desire to face uncomfortable things can be practiced. The way to do this is by picking one thing and doing it every day. I mean EVERY DAY! If you are sick, if you are tired, if you are late… doesn’t matter. It has to be done EVERY DAY! Eventually, you will hit a day when you just don’t want to do it… THAT is the day that you get to practice pushing yourself past your comfort zone! Feeling the feeling of not wanting to do it… and then doing it anyway!

Pick something simple. I’ve been making my bed every morning. It sounds easy, but on a morning when I’m in a bad mood (yes, it happens) or when I’m running late, making my bed seems like a waste of time… but I push myself to do it anyway. Because not wanting to do something but doing it anyway is a learned skill! And you can’t learn it unless you find yourself in that situation.

So, comment below what you are going to pick as your ‘everyday action’ that you will use to learn to art of pushing yourself.

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