Meditation Just Spiritual Woo Woo?

Many people hesitate to try meditation because they think it's just not for them. They are not 'spiritual' people. They don't believe in spirits, chakras or the divine energy of the world. They consider themselves just "regular" people who want to feel better and live a "normal" life. To them, meditation is [...]


Why Does Anxiety Get Worse Over Time?

Why does anxiety seem to get progressively worse as time goes on? At first, maybe you feel a little uncomfortable in certain situations and then it eventually gets so bad that you avoid those situations at all costs! In this video I talk about why anxiety gets worse over time and what you can do [...]


This is your brain on anxiety

  In truth, anxiety comes from different places depending on the person. For some, it stems from a traumatic experience they went through. For others, the type of things they were exposed to or denied from having can trigger anxiety. In my case I was exposed to many little things that built up over time. [...]