Why Does Anxiety Get Worse Over Time?

Why does anxiety seem to get progressively worse as time goes on? At first, maybe you feel a little uncomfortable in certain situations and then it eventually gets so bad that you avoid those situations at all costs! In this video I talk about why anxiety gets worse over time and what you can do [...]


4-7-8 Breathing exercise for anxiety and panic attacks

  Many people ask me about breathing exercises I use to help manage anxiety and panic attacks. Most of us breathe wrong. We as a society have become shallow breathers. We take quick, shallow breaths throughout the day, rushing one breathe so we can get to the next one. Never fully appreciating the process of [...]


How my chiropractor realigned my attitude on habits

  I sometimes suffer from back problems. Some people carry anxiety and stress in their shoulders, their stomach, their head or their back. I carried mine in all of the above. My anxiety combined with spending years hunched over a computer did a number on my back and spine. 10 years ago I started seeing [...]

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