Four Emotions That Are Actually Masking Anxiety

The thing most people don’t realize about dealing with anxiety is that it does not always present itself as anxiety. There are many different ways this feeling arises and shows itself in the life of someone who struggles with these negative, fearful thoughts. Here are a few ways in which my anxiety often presents [...]


Sometimes I’m a shitty Dad!

Sometimes I worry that I’m a shitty Dad. I know it’s not true but that doesn’t stop my mind from thinking the thought and worrying it might be true. Sometimes, just the fear something might be true is enough to make my anxiety elevate and bring on compulsive, negative thinking. And even with [...]


Anxiety and Alcohol – How I Quit Drinking

Anxiety, PTSD, depression and other mental disorders often cause people to self-medicate by using alcohol and drugs. This was very true in my case. After years of unhealthy living, both mentally and physically, I took stock of my life and made some major changes. One of the biggest decisions I made was [...]


Are You Normal? – How to Know if You Have an Anxiety Disorder

What is the difference between an anxiety disorder and just being nervous? Are you feeling a bit down or is it something more? What is 'normal' and how do know if we are or are not 'normal'? In this video, I talk about all this and a lot more. This was probably [...]

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