Why Lack of Motivation Is Not Your Problem!

People think that the biggest enemy to personal and professional growth is lack of motivation. But the true enemy of growth is not lack of motivation but rather feeling too comfortable.   We become so comfortable with things the way they are that our desire to change is minimized by our fear that the changes [...]


Push or Pull — Which is stronger in your life?

My wife thinks I'm obsessive... and she's right. When I get an idea or become motivated I throw myself into it completely. And that isn't exactly a bad thing. It's enabled me to do some pretty great things. Without this obsessive quality, I never would have been able to quit drinking, write a book, [...]


Imposter Syndrome — How I accidentally sabotaged my book launch!

I’ve been a bit MIA from this blog for a while. Not just from this blog but from many things social media and YouTube as well. The thing is when you deal with mental health issues, sometimes being consistent with your content is a far greater challenge than others may realize. A big part [...]


Four Emotions That Are Actually Masking Anxiety

The thing most people don’t realize about dealing with anxiety is that it does not always present itself as anxiety. There are many different ways this feeling arises and shows itself in the life of someone who struggles with these negative, fearful thoughts. Here are a few ways in which my anxiety often presents [...]


The key to anxiety and stress reduction is right under your nose!

Did you know the sense of smell connects directly to the limbic system in your brain?   The limbic system is the most primitive part of the brain, responsible for emotions, memories, and motivation. When you smell something, signals are sent from the olfactory bulb, located at the back of your nose, directly to [...]

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